Divorce Mediation Dustin Gibb February 5, 2024

Divorce Mediation Attorney

From dispute to agreement: Helping you achieve equitable solutions outside the courtroom that serve all parties' interests.
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Divorce Mediation Attorney Based in Utah

Divorce mediation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional courtroom disputes, aiming for equitable solutions that serve all parties’ interests. This collaborative process allows both parties to discuss and resolve disagreements under the supervision of an impartial mediator. We focus on ensuring a smooth transition to post-divorce life.

At Gibb Law, located in the heart of Utah, we specialize in assisting clients through the divorce mediation process. We understand the emotional and legal complexities involved in such disputes. Whether you reside in the bustling city center or the serene suburbs of Kaysville, our doors are open to offer you total support.

Our Mediation Expertise

There are key areas of divorce mediation, and whatever your situation is, we are equipped to help you achieve the best result in the following areas.

Child Custody and Support

We handle child custody legal matters in mediation involving children. We aim to establish a co-parenting plan that prioritizes the children's well-being while ensuring child support is fair and adequate.

Financial Assets and Alimony

Our team helps you navigate the division of financial assets, including 401k, stocks, bonds, and retirement/pension plans, ensuring you receive or provide fair alimony.

Real Estate and Personal Property

We assist in dividing real estate and personal property, striving for equitable distribution.

Business Interests

If you have business interests, our lawyers ensure their fair division while considering future growth and potential post-divorce modification.

Cohabitation Agreements

We offer legal guidance to create agreements that protect individual interests for couples considering cohabitation.

Post-divorce Modification and Ongoing Support

Life circumstances change, and so do post-divorce needs. Our team is proficient in handling post-divorce modification, ensuring that any changes in your life are reflected legally and fairly.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation offers a constructive alternative to traditional litigation, promoting a more cost-effective, time-efficient, and less adversarial process. By choosing mediation, you maintain greater control over the decisions that shape your future, ensuring outcomes that reflect your unique circumstances. Gibb Law is dedicated to fostering a supportive and respectful environment throughout the mediation process.

Understanding Utah's Mediation Landscape

Understanding Utah’s specific mediation regulations is crucial, and our team is well-versed in the legal framework governing divorce mediation. Explore the relevant statutes, such as Utah Code 30-3-39, to gain insight into the mediation process and requirements.

Why Choose Gibb Law for Divorce Mediation

Choosing the right mediation services is paramount to a successful and harmonious divorce resolution. At Gibb Law, we combine legal expertise with a commitment to fostering positive communication and collaboration. We prioritize your unique needs, ensuring that the mediation process is both efficient and respectful.

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